Genevieve Davis, M.F.A.


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           Genevieve Davis not only made the film SECRET LIFE, SECRET DEATH, but also wrote a book [by the same name] detailing her adventures finding out her family's roots in organized crime. Both the movie and the book are based on her ten year genealogy research project in Chicago and Wisconsin.  

          Davis produced, directed, wrote, designed and edited the no-budget film, without a crew. Her film is noted for being "technically innovative and dazzling." [Gene Siskel Film Center]  She created the film with a community of 85 volunteer actors.  In addition, the owners of antique cars, trains, vintage costumes and props loaned  their items without charge, in order to participate in this period film which spans the decades from 1910 to 1948.

            Davis's style differs from other filmmakers, because she has spent much of her career as a professional artist. Her paintings have been commissioned by ballet, opera and theater companies, designers, museums & film producers.      

          Davis has lectured on Art and Art History at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the University of Wisconsin, Beloit College and the American Institute of Architects, Madison.  

          Davis taught a seminar on No-Budget Filmmaking at Indie Fest, USA in LA.  She has lead Q & A sessions after screenings of her film at the Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, Chicago History Museum, Neville Museum, Green Bay, DePaul University, Sociology Department, Czech and Slovak Geneaology Society, Chicago, New Orleans Affordable Healing Arts,  and the Campfire Film Festival, Woodruff, Wisc.