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         One of the Three Tangos in the Movie

                    The Fight   

  Gellis, a rebellious artist, visits her friend Cat, owner of a B&B.  There, Gellis falls for another guest - a sexy southern gentleman, named Cointreau.   They are hot, hot, hot, dancing the tango.

But when Cat disappears, Gellis must go in search of her.  Love turns into a trapdoor to hell, when Gellis finds herself deep in a deadly underworld, where Cointreau shows up in all the wrong places.

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 The Dogs         

Producer, Director, Screenwriter Genevieve Davis developed the screenplay for Dogged working with John Goodwin of the U.S. Humane Society, Desiree Binder of the ASPCA, an ex-Milwaukee police officer, an ex-Milwaukee police officer who is part Native American [just like in the film], Carol who owned a B & B in Milwaukee's west side and rescued many dogs,and the directors of Wisconsin Humane Societies and pit bull rescue organizations. 

Many of the incidents in Dogged are things that really happened, such as the story of Orpheus, the dog plucked from the garbage man's arms and rehabilitated.

Searching for Cat in the Night

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