Secret Life, Secret Death

     "A haunting story"

--Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

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Based on a ten-year research project, the film educates and provokes, with its themes of alcoholism, prostitution, history of women and the burden of family secrets carried into the present. 

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"I'm pleased to endorse Genevieve Davis's film, Secret Life, Secret Death, for classroom use.  Both the film and Davis's classroom visit were the highlight of the American Studies course."
John Burton
Associate Professor
History and American Studies
DePaul University

More from Prof. Burton:

"I've successfully used the film as part of an American Studies unit on film depictions of the gangster.  Davis's film opens the door to a number of useful discussions for students: the treatment of women in the gangster era, the study of family history and micro history, the creation of documentaries,  and the nature of mythologizing the gangster era.  On a practical note, the film's length fits easily into a ninety-minute class session.  

"In addition, Davis met with my class to discuss the film.  She is forthcoming about her own family history and an engaged speaker.  She provided important insights into the making of documentary histories and was comfortable talking to students about her intents for the movie and hearing their reactions."



Host a Screening

Bring critically acclaimed, award winning SECRET LIFE, SECRET DEATH to your museum, film society, college, university, geneaology society, conference or home. 

“We were thrilled to have a record-breaking number of people in attendance! We received many positive comments after the film and Q&A. 

--Alisha Benson, Public Services Coordinator, Lake Genevieve Public Library

More from Ms. Benson:

“Thank you for bravely sharing your film with us and for giving voice to your grandmother's hardships as a woman in the 1920's.  This is a life and death story that should not be secret, as so many women's stories were during that time.  Thank you for breaking the silence with your voice, and the voices and music of the past. 

“I really appreciate the artistry of your film, which covers so many significant subjects: women's oppression, prostitution, childhood hardships, gangsters, alcoholism, mental health, while tracing the history of 1920's Chicago, and 1930's & 1940's Wisconsin.  I appreciate the film's beautiful complexity and the strength of its voice.”


Past Screenings and Q & A Sessions