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Genevieve Davis casts a searching look at her own family, the era, and the colorful criminal wastrels who hid out in the Wisconsin wilds and uncovers the startling ending chapter to an 90-year-old mystery and brings final closure to an unfinished, haunting story.  

        Buried in the many myths and folklore surrounding notorious Chicago gangland history from the era of the old South Side "Levee" brothel district, spanning the bloody Prohibition Wars of the 1920s, lies the hidden, mostly forgotten "shadow stories" of the era -  intensely personal family stories evoking the terrible human toll exacted on ordinary people, caught in the web of organized criminality in the Midwest, tracing a path of wrong doing from Chicago's crime-ridden sin streets deep to the not-so-pastoral North Woods of Wisconsin.   

        --Richard C. Lindberg, author of the Gambler King of Clark Street: Michael C. McDonald and the Rise of Chicago's Democratic Machine