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The Italian Artist   (Based on research)

             From an upper middle class family, she was never educated.  In the 1500's when she was 8, she had heard about Sophonisba Anguissola, painter to the Queen of Spain.  But she was unable to convince her father at age 12, that she should be chaperoned (in order to prevent rape), while studying to be an artist with a male artist in his studio (artists were usually men at this time).  Then - as now - it is open season on the rape of women. 

          Being the first born female, she had a dowry which was started for her when she was born.  It grew to be a handsome sum when she was 14, at which time her father married her to a money lender 23 years her senior.   The dowry went to her husband.  She had nine babies soon thereafter.  Then she her husband died and the children went, by law, to live with her husband's family.  She sued for custody of her children and also the dowry, but lost in court.


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