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The Writer    (Based on research)

          Born in Maryland during the American Civil War (1861 - 1865), she had heard of Margaret Fuller's and her quotes, (which are on the mannequin and in the heart video).  She couldn't read, though she wanted to be a writer.   Thus she never read Margaret Fuller's books on feminism.  Her mother died giving birth to her.  Her soldier-father died when she was two of dysentery, a result of the war.  She was unable to convince her uncle, with whom she lived, to spend the money to educate her, when she was 6 years old.

          At this time, school attendance was not compulsory.  Women who sought education in the 19th Century ran up against thousands of years of negative opinion regarding whether it was wise, necessary or even safe to educate them.  From ancient Greece and Rome forward, male pundits frequently equated educating women to releasing some form of evil upon the world.”   – Dolly Boyd, Director of Museums at Tusculum University, in 2019.

          She moved to the city at age 14, where she worked as a seamstress.  At the time, women were expected to take advantage of the subsidy of living free at home, or nearly free.  But home was two days away, so she couldn't commute.  Her wages as a seamstress were not enough to support her.  Thus, she fell into prostitution.  Her death, at age 14 from septicemia, was the result of gonnerhea, an occupational hazard she was unaware of.  Her uncle was contacted, but never claimed her body.