Genevieve Davis, M.F.A.

Mural & Set Design

Painter for Milwaukee Ballet Virgin Forest

Painted for the Milwaukee Ballet, after Henri Rousseau, Human figures are life size

Both  Acrylic on muslin, 30' x 60'


Muralist & Designer for Beloit College Wright Art Center

Antique Silk Robe Exhibition 

Exhibit Design


  Acrylic on Canvas, 7' x 25'


Producer, Director, Designer for Sweet Nothings Television Project

A Lady of Venice dresses for Carnevale, leaves her Cavaliere Servente behind, and seeks adventure in the Piazza San Marco

Title & Background Design

Costume & Set Design

Backdrop Design


Designer, Producer for Night Angels, a Green Screen Video Project 

A Dancer wakes in the night to fight nighmarish figures.  She wards them off with a Shao Lin Temple Iron Fan Martial Arts Dance.  After vanquishinging them, she climbs inside a guardian angel.


Backdrop Design


Details of grotesque heads imbedded in the design       


Detail of grotesques

Lion Head 

Green Screen Grotesques

Wing & Dancer




Historical Mural Painter for Turner Hall, Milwaukee

Replication in Enamel paint, 3' x 45'

Stencil Designs on Ceiling

At work up on the scaffold


Glass Mural Installation Mock-ups

Flamenco Dancer in Russian Tea Room

Veiled Dancer in a Medici Palace

Minoan Dancers on a wall in Crete



Architectural Glass Designs






More Architectural Glass Designs