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Fanni's Viennese Kitchen

A new book by Genevieve Davis, about her other grandmother!

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"Using montages, superimpositions, and green-screen composites, Davis interweaves present-day interviews, period reenactments, historical photographs, and vintage songs into a richly textured tapestry - a film noir docudrama.  "  

--Marty Rubin, Gene Siskel Film Center









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"A non-fiction thriller with an occasional comic touch that will knock your socks off!  Genevieve Davis leads you through the wicked wonders of the Prohibition Era and her discovery of the ups and downs of a roadhouse lady and her gangland fellers."

--William Helmer, Author of Al Capone and His American Boys and St. Valentine's Day Massacre

“Minnie had a rough life, but because you told her story her life was not lived without trememdous impact.  I learned a lot I didn’t know about.  My ‘Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz’ view of Wisconsin has changed.  My idealistic views are now more realistic after learning about the brothels, bootlegging, distilleries and paid off policemen and politicians of the North Woods.” 

--Kelly Jo Stull, Author of  The Wisconsin Bucket List

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Praise for the Book, Secret Life, Secret Death 

     "Buried in the many myths surrounding notorious Chicago gangland history lies the hidden, mostly forgotten "shadow stories" of the era - intensely personal family stories evoking the terrible human toll exacted on ordinary people, caught in the web of Chicago's crime-ridden sin streets, and the no-so-pastoral North Woods of Wisconsin."

--Richard C. Lindberg, Author of The Gambler King of Clark Street

        "A remarkable story. . . Davis’s grandmother had a colorful, turbulent, mobster-crossed and altogether extraordinary life. . . . You'll meet John Dillinger, Big Jim Colosimo, and Al Capone. I cannot tell you how much I admire this book and how much I think anybody interested in the history of Chicago and just interested in a fascinating story should read it. her grandmother’s story will haunt me for some time."

--Rick Kogan, WGN Radio