Taliesin Through a Painters Eye

Frank Lloyd Wright's Residence in Spring Green, Wisconsin

 by Genevieve Davis, M.F.A.

The only comprehensive series of contemporary paintings of Taliesin in the world.  These one-of-a-kind original oils, depicting the artist's vision of Wright's grand masterpiece, took me three years to complete.


 Midway Barns

I had a good time painting this on a hot day in July, sitting on the ground at Taliesin in the sun, with a watermelon on ice in the car


Staircase with Statue

This is the incredible moment in the courtyard where it leads to the inside, which leads you up the stairs to the outside again


 Red Studio Window

This was the very first painting of the series, where I first took pine needles from the forest I was living in and threw them into the wet paint


Corner of Angles

This is one of those amazing places where the natural beauty of a tree dynamically interacts with Wright's vibrant geometry


Romeo & Juliet Windmill

This shows the  embrace of the hexagon with the diamond, and a few flames of Shakespearean passion burning at the top



  Blue Bowl

While I was painting his enormous blue bowl, a flock of geese tucked their wings in and dive bombed to the pond behind the residence 


  Residence - Hill View

I sat in my car, using my steering wheel as an easel, looking up through the cracked windshield at  Taliesin 


 Pond View of Residence

I worked on this one on a warm, sunny in the fall, when the rushes were golden and dry,  rustling with the wind 


Hillside Home School

This view seems very Japanese to me, with the shoji windows, red roofs and the asymetical tall white pine 


Residence West Face

Here you see how the  structure of Taliesin rambles over the hillside, with the echoing shapes of  low mountains in the distance 


 Visitors Center on the River

This view shows the beautiful setting on  the Wisconsin River - to get it, I  shot my camera out the window while driving myself  across the bridge 


  Midway Barns on the Hill

This view, with the naked trees in autumn, shows how the barns of Midway, once part of a working farm, complete the slope of the hill 


  Hillside Theater

I remember well the tour my family took of Wright's architecture school when I was a little girl, particularly our guide, a soft spoken, gentile, student 


Windmill Top

I hope one day soon, just like the old farm days, everyone will have a windmill and make their own green energy 


 Hillside Corner and Tree

This beautiful old maple, clinging to a few golden leaves, had grown around a corner of the Hillside roof

 Door with Pool & Cat

Sherpa the cat was a great help in my work, flipping q-tips from my paint box up in the air while I painted 



Stairs with Figure

My guide, like Dante's Beatrice, leading me  through the cantos of the glorious Paradiso of Taliesin 



Door with Pillar

Some paintings came easily and some were like this one, where I was going somewhere with it and I didn't know where that was, til I got there several years after starting it



Artist's Statement


Artist's Resume 


Red Windows

This moment of harmony in the fenestration, is one of the myriad of details that did not escape Wright's attention


Cottage with Windmill

This little gem is by a student of Wright's and every summer some lucky person, an elf perhaps, gets to inhabit its tiny interior


Provenance: Paintings exhibited by Taliesin at the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitors' Center, Spring Green, Wisconsin and the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio