"The Invisible Woman"


All dresses and skirts by Genevieve Davis.  Videos by Genevieve Davis, unless noted.

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What:  This is a project of 6 Video Dresses, an installation combining sculpture, video, sound and drawings. 

 Why:  My heart reaches out to women in history that had the same smarts as we contemporary women do, but no opportunity for education - even a primary education - or jobs.   Imagine no opportunities whatsoever, anywhere!  You can see it in their faces. Ignoring women is one of the many techniques employed to discredit women.   This installation project addresses the omission of Woman in history, in a new way by looking at women's ambitions vis-a-vis their frozen emotions.    


 Details:  The 6 video dress sculptures are on mannequins, mounted on a stand and are 4 feet high.  The video dress represents historic costume from the medieval to the 1950's.   The bodices and sleeves are made of dichroic acrylic.  Dichroic acrylic is a new material that reflects all the colors of the rainbow, yet at the same time is transparent.

Inside each video dress is a looped video playing in three places.


1. Where the head would be, is a video of ice on Lake Michigan.  This represents frozen emotions.

2. In the head or the heart is a video of her thwarted ambitions.

3. Onto the white muslin skirt are projected different videos of ice on Lake Michigan, representing frozen emotions.


The sound is either a poem or polyphony or the sound of ice tinkling on Lake Michigan.  Drawings of what they would like to do are on the mannequin, which are made of papier mache.  In addition, information on the history of each dress is displayed next to the mannequin,  as well as what they wanted to be and what happened to each of them.