Genevieve Davis, M.F.A.

Artist's Statement - Painting    

         Genevieve Davis has received many commissions from ballet, opera and theater companies, designers, museums & film producers.  Her painting style is the result of studying in Italy from the Italian Renaissance masters, as well as working in the contemporary theater.

           When I get an idea, I feel challenged to wrestled with it, push the creative envelope, strive for something I haven't achieved before and hold on to the tiger by the tail until the painting is finished.  My art provides a place for the mind to revel in beauty, color, light, spirit and fantasy.

          My art encompasses the images of my world.  Like the boats I sail on and especially Lake Michigan.  Beholding the majesty of the Lake is an incomparable experience of beauty.  Or, like a friend who is a Chinese monk dropping by the studio to meditate for two hours so I can paint him, or like other friends who are dancers, or like the folks I've hung out with at historical reenactments at Early American encampments, Renaissance festivals and Carnevale in Venice, Italy.  I find a joyousness in ordinary people donning costumes and becoming these extraordinary characters, dressed up in costumes and dancing or fencing.

          My painting style marries classical technique with innovative contemporary techniques, the result of my Master of Fine Art degree study of Italian Renaissance methods, study in the studio of contemporary Italian painter Elvio Marchionni and work painting in theater.  I combine classical rendering skill with theatrical scenery techniques like washes, glazes, spattering and stenciling, which are used to break up the paint surface and give it depth, imitating the play of natural light.  I am particularly interested in the rich, expressiveness of color.  The soft, harmonious colors of the Carnevale series derive from the limited palettes of Italian master drawings and the riot of pastels seen in the Renaissance frescoes of painters like Michelangelo and Pontormo.

          I am intrigued by color, by light, by spirit, by paint itself.  The act of painting allows me to enter a meditative state where all the thinking and cares of daily life disappear.  Then I am in a state of altered consciousness where I am completely absorbed in color, light and the fluid working of the paint. 


In Hawaii, with caldera in the background